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Zara Ceramics: Series 02 - Episode 01

Recent graduate from the Ceramics department of Ulster University; Zara McLaughlin of Zara Ceramics, joins us as our guest on this first episode from our second series.

This second series of our podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme.

Zara shares her making journey into life as a student and now graduate of the ceramics, jewellery and silversmithing department of Ulster University.

Zara's degree show has been postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19, however you can view her work alongside her fellow ceramics, jewellery and silversmithing graduates via a digital website here.



"Zara specialises in Slip cast Ceramics; Her current body of work is a series of hollow forms designed around the concept of creating tangible from the intangible. She records the background noise that echo’s through the walls of her home. A record of a moment in time that she will never get back and a memory of home that is constantly evolving. Representing sound using digital technologies to translate sound waves into data. This data is used by the 3D printer to produce a print which is moulded and cast in ceramic. The porcelain casts are then joined and stacked in different arrangements to represent how memories warp and shift over time. Often what we think we remember is not always very accurate. This notion is anchored in the display and comes to life in her installations."

About text kindly shared by Zara Ceramics.


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For more information about Zara Ceramics, please visit her website here:


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