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Anne Butler: Series 02 - Episode 10

Ceramicist Anne Butler, joins us for episode ten of ten from our second series.

A clip of this episode is available above in the video.

Tanya Ireland Limited Making Conversations Podcast Episode

This second series of Making Conversations Podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme.

For this final episode, Anne speaks to us about her love of travel and how it informs the work she creates.

Originally from Cambridge, England, Anne studied ceramics at Ulster University & University of Wales in Cardiff and is now based in County Down, Northern Ireland; where she creates a range of sculptural and functional ceramics in porcelain.

Anne discusses the importance of the fallibility in the handmade work she produces, as well as regaining her confidence as a maker again after a brief period away from the studio.

Listen to Anne's wonderful Making Conversations Podcast Episode below, or find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google, YouTube or ask a voice activated speaker to 'Play Making Conversations Podcast'.



​"I trained in ceramics in the University of Ulster and the University of Wales in Cardiff and work from my studio in Northern Ireland There is much reminiscent of archaeology, geology and architecture in her porcelain sculptures which explore relationships between process, material and the passage of time. Her sculptures are inspired by the structure and dissolution of the organic and manmade. They are constructed - layered - excavated - deconstructed and collapsed to reveal associations between cultural and individual memory as well as contrasting qualities such as strength and fallibility. Her working method is intrinsically connected to the act of making and the endless experimentation with the changing state of parian porcelain; both in its raw and fired state. A wide palette of techniques, which include casting, hand-building and cyanotype print, are continually being challenged and developed to contrast the precision of industrial techniques and geometric structure with the fallibility of the handmade. Her sculptures are fired multiple times and explore concepts associated to the fired density of parian as well as its satin, marble-like quality when solid, its gravity and stratification when layered and its delicate fabric-like flowing translucency when thin."

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Series two of Making Conversations Podcast has been funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme.


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