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Adam Frew: Series 02 - Episode 07

Contemporary Potter Adam Frew, joins us for episode seven of ten from our second series.

A clip of this episode is available above in the video.

Tanya Ireland Limited Making Conversations Podcast Episode

This second series of Making Conversations Podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme.

For episode seven, Adam talks to us about how he began pottery, his apprenticeships and design influences.

His surface decoration is expressive and energetic but also considered. Creating functional pottery, Adam especially enjoys the harmony between use and form, which was evident in his Plate Date project collaborating with local chefs.

In 2017, Adam left his studio at Flowerfield Art Studio after managing a successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to aid towards the build of a new home studio in Aghadowey, Coleraine Northern Ireland.

Adam has a solo exhibition at Contemporary Ceramics opening 24 September 2020 - 17 October 2020. For more information on the exhibition, please visit:



‘I make clean, simple forms on the potters wheel that subtly show the makers hand in order to imbue a sense of life in the work.  I enjoy the spontaneity of throwing, the speed of production and I seek to reflect this energy in my mark making.   My marks are continually evolving, I am interested in contrasts; sharp lines, crayon scribbles, brush marks, sponged back sections.  It is this ongoing investigation that invigorates my making.’

Adam Frew is a potter based in rural Northern Ireland.  He works in porcelain, creating thrown functional and large one-off pots.  During his studies at Belfast Art College, Adam spent time at the historic Winchcombe Pottery sparking a love for production pottery, and in Finland  with Judy Makela. Upon graduating in 2004, he undertook a two year apprenticeship with Lisa Hammond at her Greenwich based pottery where he gained the experience and confidence to set out on his own. Adam moved back to Northern Ireland and was resident potter at Flowerfield Arts Centre for 12 years.  He and his family moved to Aghadowey in County Derry with the intention of creating a larger studio space beside their home.  Following a very successful crowdfunding campaign which part financed the renovation of an old barn, Adam now works and teaches from his own purpose built studio.

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Series two of Making Conversations Podcast has been funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Emergency Programme. Episodes are released fortnightly on Thursdays from 18 June 2020.


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