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Episode 005 - Fiona Shannon

Designer and potter Fiona Shannon, who is based at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart, features as our guest for the final episode of five maker conversations from Series 01. Fiona discusses her journey to ceramics and how she manages her business as well as speaking about the realities of being a maker.

We recorded this wonderful episode at Fiona's studio, which she shares with potter Jack McGonigle in Flowerfield Arts Centre.

After completing a BA Hons Degree in Contemporary Applied Art at Ulster University, Fiona studied at Thomastown as part of the DCCOI Ceramics Skills & Design Course.

Fiona hosts workshops for all ages at Flowerfield Arts Centre and stocks her work in a range of retail outlets across Ireland.



"Fiona Shannon is a highly skilled designer and potter working out of her studio in Portstewart, on the North Coast of Ireland. She has been fully trained in Ceramics at the University of Ulster, Belfast as well as the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland's Pottery Skills and Design Course, Kilkenny. Every product is of a high quality and has been designed and skilfully crafted by hand.

Her current pottery range is greatly influenced by the social dining experience. The simple, rustic and authentic design of tableware and richness of the colours are reminiscent of quality home cooked Irish food and robust organically inspired designs to enhance the communal shared dining experience. Her range includes bread platters, salad bowls, serving dishes and olive dishes."

About text kindly shared by Fiona Shannon Ceramics


For more information about Fiona Shannon Ceramics, please visit her website here:


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