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Episode 003 - Cameron & Breen

Contemporary Irish Goldsmiths; Martin Cameron and Laura Breen of Cameron & Breen - are based in Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and feature as our guests in this third episode of five maker conversations for our first series of Making Conversations Podcast.



Cameron & Breen is a collaborative made up of Martin Cameron and Laura Breen, two Contemporary Irish Goldsmiths based in Randalstown Co. Antrim.

Inspired by travelling wild Landscapes of Northern Ireland and rugged terrains of New Zealand their work takes on natural forms. An amalgamation of two different skill sets, Laura’s wax carving and Martin’s stone setting, they design together but use their individual expertise to contribute to the final piece. 

A complimentary marriage of form and function, the jewellery is created by hand with a raw aesthetic and each component holds relevance in the design. Coloured stones reflect the deep natural hues of woodland scenes or brightly coloured moorland flowers, and are held in elaborate and organic settings.

These designs come together in silver and gold to create elegant forms, emotive of the inspirations and experiences they are based on.

Martin and Laura both studied Contemporary Applied Art at University. A combined interest in sculptural Silversmithing has influenced their joint transition into contemporary Jewellery.

"An ethereal sense of atmosphere surrounds work inspired by fine and instinctive drawings of the Irish moorland and wild grasses. Decorative and sculptural the jewellery embodies the same delicacy and spontaneity as the sketches it is based on, it becomes a complete visual experience of the beauty and vulnerability in new life and growth and simplicity in its most elegant form."

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For further information about Martin Cameron & Laura Breen of Cameron & Breen, please visit their website here:


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