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ACJSNI: Series 03 - Episode 01

For Series 03, we have collaborated with the Association for Contemporary Jewellers and Silversmiths Northern Ireland to bring three exciting episodes featured around their debut exhibition PINNED.

Each episode will feature a range of makers participating in the exhibition, talking about their work.

Tanya Ireland Limited Making Conversations Podcast Episode

This collaboration third series of Making Conversations Podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

For this first episode, we talk to Series 02 - Episode 06 guest Anne Earls Boylan, who introduces the PINNED Exhibition as well as discusses the roots of the ACJSNI group. The makers participating in this episode include:

Abbie Dixon 'Dendritic Growth'

Anne Earls Boylan 'Communication Devices'

Cameron & Breen 'Ancient Treasure Brooches'

Celine Traynor 'Going, Going, Gone'

Claire Mooney 'Millennium Fragment Series'

Clodagh Molloy 'Children's Building Blocks'



ACJSNI are a regional branch of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery, whose members include those who make jewellery, associated designers and craftspeople, educators, students, galleries, museum curators, retailers, critics, collectors, and people who want to learn more about contemporary jewellery.

The ACJSNI mission is to showcase and support the jewellery and Silversmithing community who live and work in Northern Ireland.

PINNED - on Linen Contemporary Jewellery - Selected Works 7 August to 3 September 2021 11am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday Free Admission Opening Reception 7 August 2021

This is a selected Jewellery Exhibition by 21 ACJSNI members and invited guest makers closely associated with the group. The Exhibition ‘Pinned’ was first shown in Craft NI, November 2020 during Lockdown no.2. For this second showing, we have some new makers with new work, while some Jewels now reside with new owners!

'PINNED - on Linen' pays tribute to the fabric associated with R-Space at the Linen Rooms by installing work on repurposed and locally sourced Linen. By adapting the exhibition sympathetically and referencing the significance of the new location and its industrial heritage, ACJSNI engages audiences with new ways to experience the approaches and languages of Contemporary Jewellery, both in material and form. In November 2020 ACJSNI’s PINNED Exhibition received Arts Council Funding which helped to make a series of short videos giving an insight into the working processes of 4 of our makers. In addition, we were also able to fund a series of Podcasts with Making Conversations that give an insight into the ideas behind the pieces. We hope this will help to enrich the experience and understanding of the pieces presented.

'PINNED - on Linen' at R-Space will also showcase images of work produced during lockdown by Year 11 pupils from Lagan College and Antrim Grammar School. This was a Pilot project part-funded by Ulster University and intended to run alongside the November exhibition. Covid-19 meant the ‘live experience’ had to adapt to a ‘virtual’ series of workshops, using easily available tools and materials that helped pupils experience similar fine making skills to those of a jeweller. What emerged, shows fresh and engaging voices of young makers with lively minds. This comes at a time when craft-skills have never seemed so relevant, on many levels and we hope they are proud of what has been achieved!

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Series Three of Making Conversations Podcast has been funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Follow ACJSNI on Instagram or please visit for more information about PINNED - On Linen Exhibition at R-Space, Lisburn.


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